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Building Exterior   The front door of TCYD.



Taipei City Youth Development Office (formerly Taipei City Youth Recreation Center) was reacquired by the management team of Taipei City Government on October 1, 2013 for government operation. Since its official inauguration on November 3, 2014, the Office has not only actively promoted youth participation in service learning and exchange services, but also guided adolescents to partake in various proper and creative events involving art, culture and recreation. Furthermore, by combining the resources of the departments and bureaus of Taipei City Government, the Taipei Youth Salon and the Zhongzheng Parent-Child Center of the Department of Social Welfare were established to provide services to youth and parent-child at competitive prices.

Taipei City Youth Development Office guides adolescents to take part in proper, creative and popular recreation activities. Since the Office is service-oriented, it has constructed a comprehensive operation network to provide quality services and a safe environment for activities. Moreover, relevant educational policies are set into action in cooperation with government education agencies, hoping to meet the needs of young people and provide youth with growth curriculum, international exchange activity, creative IT learning, as well as positive and healthy leisure sports, so as to establish an international, innovative and informative platform that is in line with international standards.