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Taipei City Youth Development Office (hereinafter referred to as the “Office”) is subordinate to the Department of Education, Taipei City Government. The Office is a level 2 agency of the City Government established with one director-general and one secretary. There are: one office, two divisions and four sections under the Office, with 46 budgeted personnel. The duties of each unit of the Office are described as follows (budget head count):
  1. General Planning Section (4 persons): Taking charge of R&D, supervision and evaluation, press liaison, contact for the City Government and Council, as well as other services not covered by other divisions /sections.
  2. Exchange and Service Section (5 persons): In charge of planning and implementation of youth service-learning, grand tour experience, international education exchanges and career development.
  3. Continuing Education Section (6 persons): In charge of promotion and implementation of diverse youth potential development, innovation and empowerment, artistic and cultural performance, exchange and observation of social groups and themed events, exploration and experience of camp activities, study programs, as well as leisure and recreation.
  4. Facility Operations Section (7 persons, 1 support teacher): In charge of operational planning, management, renting and borrowing, equipment maintenance and use service of facilities.
  5. Office of Secretariat (17 persons): Administering documents, archives, treasury, general affairs, construction and maintenance, information, ticketing, property and parking lot management.
  6. Budget, Accounting and Statistics Division (1 persons): Handling budget, accounting and statistics affairs pursuant to laws.
  7. Personnel Division (2 persons): Handling personnel management and auditing affairs in accordance with the laws.